Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mamavation Monday Week 4

So here we are at another Monday. My weight has not went down I am at 298.8.
This week was a little off both of my kids were sick we were at the Dr 2 days out of the week.

I got more protein but not enough for me.
I am getting more water. But not enough.
I am not weighing every day.
I am keeping most of my food down finally!!! YAY

Protein (I think it is evil) LOL
I need to get to the gym more. With the kids being sick I did not get to the gym, but did walk around the neighborhood 4 days.

So here are my goals for the next week:

do 30 minutes of activity daily, something…anything

Get 10,000 steps a day

Get in 64oz water daily (PC)

Take vitamin daily

Continue to Journal my food/steps/exercise

30 minute walk each day (PC)

Eat only when hungry using the hunger scale (PC) There are sometimes that I have to force myself to eat.

I really need help getting in protein. I have 2 differant protein drinks the Special K Protein Shakes and Mix 1 fruity protein drinks. I hate the Mix 1. I also have the Jillian Micheals Chocolate protein powder its not great kinda taste like chocolate flavored powder. And then I have an unflavored one and that one is just gummy and disgusting. Any suggestions are welcome, even if it is not a protein drink but a way to get in more protein.


  1. Great job!! Sorry your kids were sick...seems to be the the thing, sickness in the houses...
    I love the way you put SUccesses then challenges, we all have challenges, does not mean we failed or did not succeed!

    Great week! Really proud of you!

  2. Peanut butter on celery? Tuna on crackers? Captain Hi-liner makes a kick butt Garlic Salmon that you pop in the microwave for a few minutes, add a side of rice and broccoli and you'll get a ton more protein in! I'm big on fish and would eat it every day if my family let me :)

    Staying active is tough when the kids are sick and it's easy to lose your focus. One day off quickly becomes 2, then 3, then 4... Jumping back in after a few days is hard but I know you can do it!

  3. Sick children seems to be going around. Just remember to take care of yourself too so that you don't get sick.

    Maybe you can try snacking on nuts for more protein?

  4. Do you like peanut butter, cheese, milk, rotisserie chicken, hummus, or beans? Those are the things I usually go to when needing protein. XXOO

  5. My only thing with the peanut butter cheese chicken Milk hummus is I had gastric bypass and have to be careful what I eat. The carb content and such. I just have to be 10x more careful but these are all great ideas. I am going to try that Garlic Salmon that Janice metioned. But I have had peanut butter in a smoothie with protein powder. It was decent not something I could do everyday.

  6. I never had protein shakes so I can't comment on what I think of them but I know the protein bars will always have that "off the wall" taste but there are those out there that aren't too bad, you will have to taste test and find that one. Great job on walking. Keep drinking that water! You're doing great, small steps.

  7. Seems to be a lot of sick kiddos this past week! Your water intake is fabulous! It's hard for me to write down all my food as well. Keep on working!

  8. It is never easy when you have sick kids. I had one sick last week, too. I am going to start a food journal this week. That is not easy for me. Good job on the walking and water drinking. Good Luck this week!

  9. I love to snack on almonds or peanuts for extra protein.

    Great job with outlining your goals! Don't let them overwhelm you, some of them overlap (walking 10K steps and walk 30 minutes, for example).

    You can do this!!

  10. Way to go getting out & walking around your neighborhood when you couldn't get to the gym!

    The way I get extra protein is boiled eggs, tuna fish, almonds, & peanut butter.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Every once in a while, when I know I need more protein, I'll just snack on a couple slices of turkey, or have a couple of eggs. I had a vanilla protein shake (that I can't remember the brand) that I would mix w/fruit~yummy! I'm sorry your kids are sick! Super-great job on the walking!

  12. If you can have fruit smoothies, yogurt, milk and fruit, try adding your protein powder to that. Chocolate would go good with strawberries and or bananas. Vanilla would go great with peaches and mangoes. You can add unflavored to anything. Just some ideas, I don't know much about your surgery and what you can or cannot eat. Good luck this week!!

  13. Do you feel you can transition to whole foods away from protein drinks? Like tuna, nut butters, cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat cheese, grilled chicken? Good luck with your goals this week and definitely get that water in!

  14. Could you do something like dried beef - a healthy beef jerky? I'm thinking the normal stuff you get might be filled with junk, but I wonder if there is a way to home make it, have it spiced the way you like? Also, I'd try smoked salmon. Glad you're keeping food down now! Have a great week!