Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a sad day

I have had a rough day today, we lost my husbands Grandfather (papa). My daughter was very close to him. My husband and I are lost. I am still in Ohio. I will start the story at the begining....
a little over a month ago papa was put in the hospital for the flu. During his stay they found internal bleeding and were not sure where it was coming from, he had numerous blood trans fusions. It was not stopping, and now he was getting fluid in his lungs, so they intubated him and sedated him. A week and a half went by and he was not getting any better, so they wanted to do a tracheotomy, but they could not because of the fluid. 2 days later they were able to do the trach, and start to suction out the fluid. More than a week went by and nothing is getting better and his oxygen was down to less than 50% and he was not getting oxygen to his brain. So his wife opted to take him off life support and save him his suffering. They shut the ventolator off at 3:30 pm and he passed at 5 pm. He was awake although he felt no pain he told everyone goodbye and he told his wife that he loved her. Please keep my family in your prayers

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