Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mamavation Monday on Wednesday!!!

So ladies I am sure you are wondering what has happened to me????

Well I have had pneumonia for the last 3.5 weeks and now my son has it. Wonderful right???? Not so much.

I have had great weight loss I am down another 10.2 pounds. For a total loss in 2 months of over 50 pounds.

I am getting in all my water.
But I am having a hard time with beef products, I think that I am going to cut them from my diet for a while.


  1. OH my gosh girl!!!! over 50 pounds in two months??!!!! whoa!!!! you are kicking some major butt and I'm sorry you've been feeling so sick:-( speedy, complete recovery I wish for you! make sure to rest when you need and allow your body to heal. get your water in and maybe look to other sources for protein if you are having issues with meat right now. (hugggg) xo

  2. 50 pounds in 2 months! That is amazing! Good luck with the beef. I love a good steak. I'm trying to keep it down to once a week.

  3. Bravo doll! That is amazing. You inspire me.

  4. WOW 50 lbs! You are my hero!

    I hate the sickies. Rest up and take care of your babies. Just make sure to keep us up to date with how you are doing. I was worried about you. XXOO

  5. You poor sickie. I hope you and your son get to feeling better, that is awful. Pneumonia is nasty stuff! Extra good that you're getting in all of your water! Your weight loss is amazing!

  6. Ugh, it is so hard when kids get an illness like that. Sometimes it feels like it hangs around Hope you all get well soon. Congrats on your 50 pounds! That is fantastic! High fives!

  7. Hope you're taking care of yourself while caring for your son. I'm not much of a red meat person, I prefer chicken. And I use ground turkey to replace ground beef in recipes.

    Hang in there, girl! You're doing great!