Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mamavation Monday 3/21

Wow I can't believe the new apps are getting accepted starting tomorrow!!! Gosh time flies right??

This week....

The Good:

I got a new rubbermaid water bottle it is 20 oz and have been getting at least 3 in a day!!!

I got some almonds for added protien I got dry roasted and natural and the dry roasted in my opinon are way better.LOL

I got baptized. (not really related to weight loss but...)

The scale shows me 273.4 tonight not bad but not what I would like it to show.

The bad:

I have no motivation to EXERCISE...

But I can not wait to apply for the next mamavation moms campaign.


  1. I am gonna hit straight for the religion topic since you were baptized... if your motivation to exercise is lacking be sure to look at @notDIYheather and her Monday post. She usually posts a good piece from the Bible that links her Christianity to her #mamavation goals. Look at her old posts, there is good stuff in there. Good luck getting over your exercise hurdle this week and congrats on the water and almond choices.

  2. Thanks Kia!!! I can count on your for a good word!!!

  3. Hi Shannon! Congrats on your baptism. I'm Catholic, myself. Very exceptional moment I am sure. Love almonds. I keep them in my house for snacks. They're awesome. I actually buy the raw and while I know roasted usually seem more appealing, I found if I just went raw they're actually good and I don't miss the salt, etc. Try it!!! Way to go on the H20! and I am there, struggling, with the exercise. Hubby just got back from a biz trip so I think I'll have more time to work out this week. That's my goal!

  4. Great job in moving water protein options and great plans for the week!

  5. Good luck with applying for round 4. I love my water bottle, if only I would keep it refilled lol! Time does fly. Round 4 all ready. Good luck in applying =)

  6. Just remember that you can look to the sistas for encouragement, but the real motivation needs to come from within. Keep working on the good like drinking your water, and continue adding goals as you work through them. The motivation will come, but only when you are ready to accept it, and act on it. I have the same issue with the food end of the spectrum. I pretty much have the exercise down pat. It'll come. Baby steps.

  7. Thanks Tracy!! We really are just opposites lol. I got the food thing down and not the exercise.

  8. I would say get a pedometer and count your steps. It's easier to start off by walking and you can push yourself to get 5,000 per day to start. XXOO