Friday, September 10, 2010

A Fascinating journey into the heart and culture of a reclusive religious community.
I Am Hutterite takes readers into the hidden heart of the little-known Hutterite colony in southern Manitoba where author Mary-Ann Kirkby spent her childhood. When she was ten years old her parents packed up their seven children and a handful of possessions and left the security of the colony to start a new life. Overnight they were thrust into a world they didn’t understand, a world that did not understand them.
Before she left the colony Mary-Ann had never tasted macaroni and cheese or ridden a bike. She had never heard of Walt Disney or rock-and-roll. She was forced to reinvent herself, denying her heritage to fit in with her peers. With great humor, Kirkby describes how she adapted to popular culture; and with raw honesty her family’s deep sense of loss for their community. More than a history lesson, I Am Hutterite is a powerful tale of retracing steps and understanding how our beginnings often define us.
Controversial and acclaimed by the Hutterite community, Kirkby’s book unveils the rich history and traditions of her people, giving us a rare and intimate portrait of an extraordinary way of life.
Well first things first, I have to admit that I had never heard of the Hutterites. I have for the most part always been fascinated with the Amish and the Menonites, but I had no idea that there were Hutterites. And while not exactly the same, they also live in communities and have similar beliefs.You can read more about them here .When the opportunity arose to reviews this book, I was excited, I love learning about different religions and cultures and ways of life and I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy this book.It did start a little slow and it was a bit confusing at times because the author uses a lot of the German language throughout the book, but I quickly overcame that and just sat back and totally lost myself in these wonderful people. They live simply and though at the time the author lived in the community they weren't much into the modern technology, I have since then read about how nowadays they do enjoy the things that everyone else does. Matter of fact, I found a great blog by a Hutterite lady, it's called "Pebbles in My Pocket".It was fun looking through her blog and seeing how the Hutterites live today and what has changed from the time the author's family and her as a child, lived as Hutterites.The book was very well written and it left me wanting to know more

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  1. I just read this book and enjoyed it so much as well! I had never heard of Hutterites either, but so much of their lifestyle appealed to me. Loved your review.