Monday, March 1, 2010

Mamavation Monday AGAIN LOL....

So we are at a Monday again... Not sure that this week was productive or not.

I haven't been eating on a regular scheduale and I have slacked off on my water also, But I have found myself to be drinking caffinee free herbal tea so that's good right??!!??
But as I type this I have a large glass of ice water yay go me!!!

I did buy a can of Slim-Fast High Protien powder and it is yummy!!!! So that is a huge plus for me because I struggle with protien intake as you all know.

I do need to commite to exercising at least 20 minutes a day, any type of exercise walking swimming, treadmill etc etc. But on the up side I am getting approx. 7500 steps a day.


  1. Awesome 7500 steps a day! It you just add 100 here and there you will get to 10000! I totally understand getting the protein in. I like the Slim-Fast shakes too.

    Don't forget to exercise, like you want to do. You will feel great and have more energy!


  2. Great for you! I haven't tried any of the protein shakes. I usually go for yogurt. Good luck on your goals for next week.

  3. Good for you on the 7500 steps. I've just started changing my eating habits and haven't added the exercise yet. But I will!

  4. You're step count is rockin! I don't think mine is anywhere near that. Glad you also found a good source of protein - that will give you the energy you need to fit in those workouts! Hope you are having a great week. ;)