Monday, May 17, 2010

move it and lose it

Well this last week has been a whirlwind I have been in Cleveland for job training, I got the job I will be doing Car Repossessions once again.

Last week eating was way off one day all I had was a bite of ham fried rice and that was it other than coffee and water

I have been on an exercise kick latly I have been doing the wii on the bikes with the kids and swimming and of course walking each and everyday.

I started out this campaign at 269.4 I am now at 253.6 for a total loss of 15.8 wow
Left: 12 inches
Right: 12 inches
Bust: 50 Inches
Hips: 49 Inches
Waist: 50 Inches
Left: 26 Inches
Right: 24.5 Inches


  1. Double KUDOS to you for doing so well with the work and other commitments!

  2. Thanks Kia. I can not wait for you BIG day!!!!