Sunday, May 23, 2010

my last pictures for mamavation!!!!!

So here it is the last week of the Move it and Lose it Campaign I can not believe it!!! These last few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least!!!??!!! Whew is all I have to say about it!!! LOL
I did wonderful with my water. I am thinking about getting a hydracoach!!! I really want one of these.
I have been keeping up with my exercise loving it since the weather has gotten consistinly warmer more bike rides and the pool mopens next week I can not wait. Well my weight stayed this week. But I lost a total of 15.8 Pounds since the move it and lose challenge began. WOOHOO to say the least.

Left: 12 inches
Right: 12 inches
Bust: 50 Inches
Hips: 49 Inches
Waist: 50 Inches
Left: 26 Inches
Right: 24.5 Inches


  1. Don't say it is your last...I can't wait to see you in that size 10 dress! Keep it up

  2. Thanks Lisa I can not wait to be in a 10 either

  3. You can do this!!! Keep it up girl!

  4. 15.8 pounds! YES!!!! You are doing fantastic. Please keep up everything that you are doing. And for the record... I am also looking forward to the outdoor pools opening up this week.

  5. You are doing great! I am amazed at your progress!!! Congrats

  6. You have done an amzing job. Congrats!